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Do you need to negotiate child custody? Are you attempting to make child custody changes? It's important to choose an attorney with a comprehensive knowledge of custody law in order to meet the specific needs of your case.


At Ramsey & Bauer Attorneys at Law, you will find a legal team who knows that every case is as unique as your child. Below you will find some documents that may be required for your case. Please contact us today regarding your custody needs.

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Custody documents and information required

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Advice regarding parent communications

  • Do not post any statements on any form of social media about yourself, your spouse, your divorce, your job, or your relationship with any other person.

  • Do not post any pictures on any form of social media of yourself, your child, your significant other, or your home.

  • Always communicate in writing with your spouse.  Archive all emails and texts so that the entire stream can be printed.  Do not delete anything until after the divorce is over.  

  • Use a neutral, non-accusatory tone in all communications.

  • If you are angry, save the email or text and review it the next day before hitting the SEND button.  You may find it prudent to modify your language.

  • Never swear or use offensive language.  It makes you look bad and out of control.

  • Do not relay messages to your spouse through your child or through any other person.  Communicate directly with your spouse.


Copies of the following documents may be needed

  • Judgment of Divorce or Order of Filiation or Acknowledgment of Paternity

  • Other parentage documents

  • Orders modifying Judgment of Divorce or Order of Filiation

  • Guardianship papers

  • Friend of the Court printout with child support payment records

  • Financial support of child

  • Time record of child

  • Medical, dental, and optical coverage costs for minors

  • Report cards

  • Health record, including vaccinations

  • Special achievements and activities

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