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Each person is unique.  Each marriage is different from every other marriage.  And each divorce presents different issues from every other divorce.  There is no “cookie cutter” solution which will meet everybody’s needs.  What may have worked for a friend or family member who got a divorce may not be what you need.  Beware of accepting legal advice from someone who is not an experienced divorce attorney.  Divorce, custody, parenting time, child support, and property are all complex areas of the law which are constantly changing.  Do not think that you can have a satisfactory result if you attempt to represent yourself by simply filling in some forms.  Mistakes can be permanent and very costly.


Whether you have decided that you need a divorce or just have questions, consult the legal team at Ramsey and Bauer Attorneys at Law.  We can offer you up-to-date advice and expertise.  We take the time to answer your questions.  We also understand how difficult the transition can be from marriage to newly single life and will support you throughout the entire process.   Contact us to schedule a confidential appointment.

Experienced Divorce Guidance

Information needed at the initial consultation

  • Complete Divorce Questionnaire

  • Most recent pay stub for yourself and your spouse

  • Medical, dental, optical, and prescription insurance cards

  • Name of Court, name of judge and file number of any pending or previous case involving the minor children or a sibling of any minor child of the parties

  • Name of Court, name of Judge and file number of any previous divorce

Regarding child custody

  • Complete analysis of Best Interests of the Child for yourself and your spouse

  • Medical, dental, optical and prescription coverage costs for the minor children

  • Report cards

  • Health record, including vaccinations

  • Special achievements and activities

  • Record of contact between the child and your spouse

Required documents regarding house and land

  • Property deeds

  • Most recent tax statements for all real property

  • Appraisals of real property, if any

  • Pay-off statement for any mortgage or equity line

  • Real property insurance policies

  • Mortgage balance

Documentation needed regarding motor vehicles

  • Vehicle titles, including motorcycles and water craft

  • Kelley Blue Book, Edmonds, NADA, or appraised value for all vehicles, including motorcycles and water craft

  • Pay-off statement for any lien on any vehicle

Information regarding personal property and

employee benefits

  • Personal property inventory, including date of acquisition, cost, and present value of each item, if property division is an issue

  • Personal property insurance policy, including all riders, if any

  • Most recent statement of value for all retirement benefits

  • Portfolio of all stocks, bonds and other securities owned by you

  • Cash surrender value of any life insurance policy on your life or that of your spouse

Records of income and debts

  • Tax returns for the last 5 years, including all attachments

  • Most recent pay stubs for yourself and your spouse

  • Income record from all sources, including Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, second jobs, overtime, strike benefits, etc.

  • Most recent statement from all creditors

  • Budget for your living expenses and payment of bills

  • Credit report for yourself and for your spouse. Do not attempt to run a credit report for your spouse!

  • Copy of bankruptcy filings, if any, including all schedules, adversarial proceedings, and discharge


Expert Divorce Advice

and Representation